Posted by: Bethany Davis | May 2, 2010

Taste of Marietta

Despite the heat and crowds, we decided we couldn’t live in Marietta and not go to the Taste. The streets were blocked off and jam packed with lots of local vendors selling samples of their food.

Having gone to the original Taste of Chicago a few years ago with Megan S., I had high expectations for Marietta’s shindig.

After attending our church on the square, my mom (who was visiting), myself, and friend Christina and baby Joshua took on crowds.  Turns out I was impressed with the variety of food and the music stages.

In the middle of the square in a glorious park under a canopy of trees. We were able to get our food, and retreat to the center where we cooled off and enjoyed the band. I recommend the sushi stand (Blue) and their bagel rolls. mmmm!
We actually saw a lot of the square this weekend, as we went to dinner on Friday night at Hemingway’s and attended the first of the summer concert series.

[and, no, the baby isn’t ours! 🙂 ]


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