Posted by: Bethany Davis | February 16, 2010

Valentine’s Day

This post is an opportunity for me to brag on Brian. I have the most wonderful, caring, loving husband imaginable — more than I ever dreamed !

Last Sunday at church we talked about what it means to truly show love and devotion to the Lord and our spouses. It’s easy to make grandiose promises — “I’d give my life for you!”, because that’s not a decision most of us encounter. Similarly, when we read the story of the rich young ruler selling all his possessions, it’s easy to say, “Sure, I’ll sell all I own!” because we know that (probably) won’t be required of us. These hypothetical heroic acts are empty promises until they are tested, but most won’t see the light of day.

Brian does more than commit his life to me — he shows his love to me in the little things. We share the household duties by both doing laundry or making the bed. Nightly Brian does the dishes for me, and what a blessing that is! The little playful surprises he plans for me mean so much. So, the valentine’s day celebration he put together communicated the depth of his love for me.

1:00 climb Kennesaw Mountain

3:30 Geocaching in Marietta

5:00 Brian cooks dinner

6:30 Meal of love: Pan-seared Lemon Pepper Steak, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

7:30 Coffee and Chocolate Pie with Chocolate Curls and a riveting game of Upwards

I also got a homemade card, 2 dozen roses, a box of chocolates (which have already been half eaten! ), a countdown on the chalkboard. If notice a few days are missing, that’s just because life gets in the way sometimes. Missing those days did not diminish how much it meant to me! (see the top picture for the last one)

It was my first time up this section of Kennesaw Mountain, and it was beautiful and snow covered. Dinner was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I knew Brian was a good cook, but I didn’t know he was that good! I couldn’t have made a better meal myself. (For more pictures of the meal check our the links — what Brian made looks identical to the Pioneer Woman’s site!) I’m so blessed that we get to celebrate special days like this, and the joys of everyday!



  1. You guys are the best. I applied for a job at the Y, and the guy reminds me of a bearded version of you Brian.

    ( though it would be odd to meet a bearded version of you Bethany)

  2. 🙂 I love this post. Congratulations on your marriage (I know it was awhile ago). I’m so glad you found such a wonderful man!

  3. Kate! Did i see that you got married recently? are you guys blogging (or just facebook)? I’d love an update! thanks for the post!

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