Posted by: Brian Andrew Davis | February 6, 2010

New Equipment

I love getting new things.  Maybe more specifically, I love unboxing and using something for the very first time.  It doesn’t have to be something expensive or complex…just new.

I hope that doesn’t make me sound like a complete materialist…I also have grown to love making my things last, reusing, and recycling.  We actually turn our ziploc bags inside out and wash them every time we use them, and have somehow managed to not have to buy new ones since we’ve been married!  At first it seemed tedious (and a little ridiculous) but now it’s paid off.

Back to new things.  At work we hold our cooked biscuits and occasionally party trays that are soon to be picked up in a holding cabinet called a “c-vap”.  We pour water in a tray along the bottom and the c-vap uses this to create an artificial humidity (thus the vap means ‘vapor’ or ‘evaporate’ perhaps). Our old c-vap was falling apart–the door struggled to stay closed and the temperature was difficult to maintain.  We just got a new C-vap in and it is shiny and new and makes our biscuits fresher than ever!  Sometimes being excellent means spending money on new equipment.

This summer Chick-fil-A is launching it’s spicy chicken sandwich chainwide!  We’ve already remodeled our kitchen to accomodate the incoming equipment, but we still have one more thing we are adding–a new pressure fryer that will only be used for cooking our spicy chicken.  Look for it this June!



  1. Some people make videos of unboxings and put them on UTube. I love spicy chicken — can’t wait !!!

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