Posted by: Bethany Davis | February 2, 2010

LOST season SIX!

After months of theorizing, biting our nails, and dreaming of Jack, Kate, and the whole gang — the time has come. Today is the premier of season 6  — the last and final season. The end will be bitter sweet for us, and LOST has been apart of the past 6 years of our lives. (which is longer than Brian and I have even known each other!)

Our latest theory is that the premier’s occurrence on Groundhog day is no accident. Ever seen the 1993 movie Groundhog Day where the same day is repeated over and over and over again? Well, it sounds a little LOSTish to me. Coincidence? I guess we’ll find out!

When the finale of season 5 aired, Brian and I threw a LOST party, complete with a Dharma experience and fortune cookies with the LOST numbers inside. (some nice waiter at Bonzai gave us a handful for free) I was Kate and Brian was Richard  — I think we made quite the pair!

What are your theories? What’s this whole LOST thing about and is Juliet still alive???



  1. Hey Guys:) We have never seen LOST untila few weeks ago, some friends of ours gave us Season 1 on DVD…and we watched the whole thing in one week:) We have just finished season 2 and are hooked. We are hoping to be caught up before the series finale!

  2. The butler, in the parlor, with the candle stick.

    (who knew?)

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