Posted by: Brian Andrew Davis | January 31, 2010

Frozen Liquid and Vertical Board Games

I think we’ve blogged about this before, but as a rule we try to have a date night once a week.  We place a high value on our marriage relationship and both crave quality time with each other, so thankfully it actually happens too.  Sometimes it’s as simple as saying ‘this is our date night’ and making a special dinner and watching some shows on our computer (we don’t have cable or a converter box for our antenna).  Other times we go do fun things away from our apartment.  Since we’ve been skimming the barrel in the cash department the last few months, it’s really forced us to be creative with our ideas.  Since we’ve been doing a little better lately thanks to my weekly freelancing position with Church of the Apostles (I run the words on the screens on Sunday morning) we’ve been able to really spice things up: using coupons and going out to eat!, going to the dollar theater, and last night we really dropped some cold cash and went ice skating!

Bethany is always quick to see the Creator side of God.  She commented how amazing it is that God made ice where we can make a sheet that is only a few inches thick and skate all over it.  True, true.  Bethany helped me learn how to skate backward a little better and we decided to become professional couple figure skaters.  And we’re going to wear leotards.  With feathers.

We also purchased a late Christmas gift (I couldn’t find it at Christmas time!) and stayed up late trying it out.  Scrabble is one of Bethany’s all-time favorite games, and she loves to play ‘speed scrabble’ as well: an overwhelming frenzy of a game where you grab letters one-by-one and make your own rearrangeable ‘board’ on a table.  UpWords is a newer scrabble type game that allows you to stack letters on top of letters that have already been played.  It has some different rules, but is overall a very intriguing top-off to the game.  It’s growing on me.



  1. When you are a professional figure-skating couple I will be sure to give you tens.

  2. Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

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