Posted by: Bethany Davis | January 26, 2010


Although I’ve never been there, this has got to be the best of our 50 states! I recently decided that the state of Montana is now on the top of my “places I want to live” list. Martha Stewart (I love her) just visited Ted Turner’s Ranch and got to horse back riding, fly-fishing, hiking, etc… I’ve spent a good deal of time on Montana’s travel website since then, and am convinced — this state tops them all.

All four seasons, mountains, wide-open spaces… what more could you want?! Friends of mine, if you have been to Montana (or better yet live/lived there), what is it like??? What part of the state is the best? From my research it looks like I’d prefer Russell County, which has the mountains and the prairies. I think I vacation trip for Brian and I is in order!



  1. Perfect timing for this blog–since Elizabeth just got back! I can’t wait to see pictures from it! (Personally, I’ve never been, but does look amazing!!)

  2. I’ve been there twice, and it is an amazing state. If you take a vacation there you have to go to Glacier National Park for sure. It is absolutely my favorite place in the world! Especially the hike to Hidden Lake! I’ve never been anywhere so beautiful, it’s just amazing!

  3. Agree on Glacier Nat’l Park. I’ve seen a fair amount of the US west… nothing compares to Glacier! Absolutely AMAZING views and landscapes!!! You MUST go out there!

  4. Hey there, Western Montana is beautiful, the Eastern part is dry and color is more drab there. Glacier National Park is absolutely amazing and a must see and do. You just have to watch out for Grizzly bears who roam the territory there. We have pictures from a family vacation we took two summers ago going up through the Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park and on up into Canada, Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper.

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