Posted by: Bethany Davis | January 4, 2010

meet Nick.

I want to introduce you to one of our friends, as mentioned in a previous post. We had the honor of hosting Nick last week as he came stopped in Atlanta, which makes him a timely friend to feature.

Nick and I go back to our days at Asbury College, but he’s currently finishing his degree at the University of Cincinnati. Mulitalented, he’s worked on various degrees, but is currently pursuing art/architecture.

Nick is an expert barista at Starbucks, but prefers tea to coffee. (I don’t quite understand how that works — being employed at a coffee shop and drinking tea, but that’s a unique thing that makes Nick, Nick.)

In the last year he finished a stint with the Marines, which included some time in Iraq.

Born in Korea, he has an excellent palette for Asain food and foreign films. We made some sushi for our dinner with him, but doubt it matched the authentic rolls!

Brian and I are thankful to have Nick as a friend, and pray the Lord directs him in this next year!


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