Posted by: Bethany Davis | December 28, 2009

beware: asparagus in a can

Last night’s dinner was a flop. We both agreed (Brian with a little coaxing) that it was the most unsuccessful meal we’ve had yet in our married life. So bad, in fact, that we reheated the leftover pizza in the fridge. I tried  making a Pecan Fettuccine recipe from the Splendid Table, one of my favorite NPR shows. Last week I made a Stifado that ranked on the top of our favorites list! But alas, we could barely finish a small portion.

In addition, I learned a valuable lesson — never, ever buy canned asparagus. I can’t believe they can even label the can “asparagus” it was so awful and distinct from  fresh asparagus. It gives me the shivers just writing about it.

To make matters worse, there was a minor accident. We decided to use my Christmas gift from Brian, a food processor, to make the pecan sauce. However, during the assembly, Brian sliced his thumb. It’s healing well now, but it caused quite a stir. And, an unappetizing start to a not-so-great meal.

For desert, we remedied the meal with some lemon pie that one of Brian’s coworkers gave him. Possibly the best we’ve tasted! We made some coffee and ended the night over a game of ol’ fashioned scrabble.



  1. Ha! what a fun story to hear about but not be a part of.

    would you rather: live in a world without scrabble, or cribbage?

  2. ha ha. it’s a cute story. trust me, canned asparagus is not as bad as a.) spam or b.) canned chicken.

    ❤ tiff

  3. Scrabble or cribbage??? Having to choose between these is definitely a worse-case scenario! I think I’d have to go with scrabble. For me it involves more strategy and less chance. Brian told me he’d choose Cribbage. (But I think this is just because he won cribbage last time and lost to me (badly) in scrabble….) 🙂

  4. Cribbage. I love both, but I love word games more.

    I don’t even care for fresh asparagus, but I can imagine that canned would be pretty bad. Lima Beans are another thing that should never be eaten canned. We’ve grown some for a couple of years and the fresh version are so delicious you would never think they were the same vegetable that you get from a can!

    I’ve started a blog…linked it. I might even keep up with it!!

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