Posted by: Bethany Davis | December 21, 2009

Simple Christmas Decorating

After thanksgiving (note that I did not say “before thanksgiving”), I pulled out our 5x15x11″ storage box of Christmas decorations/wrapping. It was time to transform our 700 square feet into a Christmas wonderland — or, in the least, sprinkle some green and red around. Being our first Christmas together, we didn’t have much to work with (or much in the bank to work with), so we added some creativity.

Real or artificial? This seems to be the question families must answer each year. Being the nonconformist I am, I decided we wouldn’t do either. I picked out a lovely Rosemary cone at Whole Foods for a fraction of the price of a tree. It’s fragrant and will find it’s way into my cooking all year long.

However, I couldn’t pass up some free Frazier Fur trimmings at the local Christmas tree lot. I came back with enough to make a wreath, place on our shelf around the Rosemary tree, and decorate around our bedroom mirror. An added Christmas bonus is the fact that we aren’t using our central heat (only a space heater), so the temperature even feels like the north pole!

We cleared the homemade shelf above our desk, placed some trimmings, the Rosemary tree, our Nativity set from Brian’s dad brought us back from Africa, and some lantern lights (which cast a lovely glow on the wall at night!). Together we own about 5 ornaments — which all fit on our “tree.” 🙂

In the kitchen, we mixed and matched our wedding wedding place settings with some felt doilies leftover from our rehearsal dinner. We’ve also enjoyed making some Christmas pancakes for breakfast (thanks, Janna, for the pancake molds!)

Our small Christmas box seems to have gone a long way, and makes for easy storage. Yay!

After touring some older homes in Marietta on the Pilgrimage Tour, we turned on the Christmas music and started decorating! Next post… our recommendations on music to decorate by!

Thanks for reading, friends.

It’s truly a joy to celebrate Christ’s coming to earth!


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