Posted by: Bethany Davis | December 8, 2009

Why I am leaving facebook

I’m not the first person to dare to leave facebook, nor will I be the last. It’s something I’ve debated for a while now, but feel like I’m armed with enough rational reasons to make my exit. January 1st will be my first day facebook-free!

I knew that being an advocate of simplicity would have some personal reverberations. This past semester I’ve written and spoke on the importance of eliminating clutter in our lives (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc…). I long to be more focused on the task of discipleship, loving my husband, and purposely invested in those the Lord puts on my heart.

Here are a few of the top reason I believe saying goodbye to facebook will help me accomplish these goals:

1. To better communicate with my closest friends.

The bandwidth my brain and heart need to function properly directly relates to the voices and connections I listen to and maintain. I’d rather intentionally and more personally keep up with those of you who I am closest too. It’s not that other friends aren’t important, but it would be impossible to even communicate once a month with all my 1,223 friends.

2. To simplify my distractions.

As if life in general didn’t give me enough to think about and ponder, I daily open my world up each larger to the lives of people I can’t manage to keep up with in a real context — even on a monthly basis. I want to spend more of my day thinking about the Lord than I do keeping up virtually with peoples, updates, etc… of others.

3. To increase personal interactions.

The written word is important, but nothing can replace face-to-face conversations and, when needed, phone calls. The Lord is present when two or three or gathered together! I want to capitalize more on this and find more ways to serve others that don’t involve a less personal form of communication. Realize that just because I’m leaving facebook doesn’t mean I don’t want to keep in touch with you — it means I want the method in which we keep up to be improved!

4. To focus less on the exterior and more on the interior.

It’s no secret that we all put our best foot forward when describing ourselves and uploading pictures on facebook. Following this model doesn’t lead to genuineness and simply contributes to putting on a mask and being who we think everyone else wants us to be. If I say I’m an advocate for being true faced, then I want to be that in all areas of my life — even online. Furthermore, facebook communications tends to be more shallow, at least in my case, than in real life. (And, I fact that I have to make the distinction that it isn’t “real life” tells me something, too!)

Please don’t hear me saying that I think being on facebook is bad, or that Christ-followers should follow my suit. Rather, I believe that facebook has many worthwhile purposes. Like any tool, it can used for good or evil. For me to be congruent with who I am and the values God has put before me, I feel it is my best interest, the best interest of my friends, and in the best interest of my walk with the Lord to make an exit.

And lastly, I’m happy to give out my email address (the one I check regularly!), my cell number, and mailing address to any one who would like it! I realize keeping up our friendship may take a little extra effort once I leave facebook. So, thanks for caring enough to find a different way to stay in touch!



  1. I find life better without.

  2. way to go!

    I’ve already added you to my reader, so as long as you keep on with the blog posts I’ll be able to get my Bethany fix!

    I love you. We should chat soon!

  3. Join the club 🙂

    Although hard at times not being able to look at all the photos, I have definitely found it pushing me to find ways to connect on a deeper level with people.

    Miss you so much! I hope we can catch up soon 🙂

  4. i think that’s great that you are following your convictions! i will definitely need your email address and i think we need to be better about staying in touch! have you read true-faced? because that last paragraph sounded like the book a bit. 🙂

  5. I think your choice is a wise one for you to make at this point in your life. I sometimes lament how much time I waste on the computer (and on facebook) and am continually working on being more intentional about what I do during the time that J. is working independently and doesn’t need my direct input.

    I also appreciate your saying that FB isn’t necessarily unChristian. In my life, right now, it’s actually helpful to me in that I’m trying to minister to young women in our church, and spending a bit of time on FB every day helps me to be aware of what is going on in their lives and what the issues are that are calling for their time and attention. This helps me to be more on their wavelength and enables me to minister to them more effectively.

    And if I had over 1000 friends, I’d probably want to drop out too! Wow, that is a lot of people.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement Bethany! I haven’t given up facebook, but as of yesterday, I gave up some of the addicting games on there. Two of the games in particular were taking a lot of my time.

    I’ve been enjoying your blog quite a bit lately. I’ve even shared it with some friends who are just about to get married.

  7. You have always been an inspiration! I am glad that you gave us notice so that we can keep up with you on your blog.
    I am sure that we will miss you far more than the other way around. LOL
    May God continue to use you to bless others and help them to grow.

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