Posted by: Brian Andrew Davis | November 28, 2009

Visit to Birmingham – Mr. P’s Deli

Bethany and I had a chance visit to Birmingham, AL last weekend to visit our friends Addie and Donnie Newcomer. Donnie’s mother was just recently diagnosed with brain cancer, so our visit was to encourage them and lift their spirits during a tough time staying with her at the UAB hospital.

We stayed overnight with my twin brother Brett and his wife Ashley. Brett is going to school at Beeson Divinity School on Samford University’s campus to get his M. Div. while Ashley works for a local 911 department receiving emergency calls. They took us to a fantastic place–“the best sandwich you’ve ever had” as Brett described it. Mr. P’s Deli has been owned by the same family for four generations, providing Birmingham with high quality meats. The shop sells the Pilleteri’s products and seasonings, but also serves as a butcher shop in the back, and as part of it, a deli shop.

Bethany and I had taken Addie and Donnie out to Ihop only an hour or so before (which was fantastic by the way), but we still wanted to experience the amazing sandwich from Mr. P’s. We split one of these:

The Jeffro – 1/3 lb. Cajun Smoked Turkey,
Pepper Cheese & Cheddar Cheese,
Honey Mustard, on Wheat. – $6.59

I can’t oversell how amazing this sandwich was. The wheat bread was soft, thick, and warm–pliable in the hand and not too chewy or hard. Amazing. The smoked turkey was so fresh, piled on and still warm. The cheeses were fresh and complimentary to the sandwich. The honey mustard sauce was not too much, but wonderfully mixed and beautiful on the cheese and meat. What an experience. If you’re ever going through Birmingham, you MUST stop here.

Please pray for Nancy Newcomer and the whole Newcomer family as she begins her chemotherapy treatments and fights the cancer in her body.


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