Posted by: Bethany Davis | November 9, 2009

a walk to church

I love being able to walk to church. It’s as if we’re preparing our hearts for corporate worship while we walk the streets of Marietta. We feel so thankful for Stonebridge! It’s given us a great community of friends through our small group and my indoor soccer team.

On the way home were passing the 1st Presbyterian Church and noticed a Bible flapping in the wind in the middle of the road. It was narrowly being missed by cars, so when there was a break in traffic Brian bravely rescued it. A flier inside told us the owner went to the Presbyterian church we walked inside to hand it off. Turns out it belongs to one the pastors! So, that’s our random heroic act for the day — rescuing a Bible from oncoming traffic.

Our two pictures for Sunday are taken on our way to and from church…






Bethany: Tommy’s is one of the many local restaurants on the Square that we’d like to try out!






Brian: I got this hoodie in Vienna.



  1. SO true! I walk to church here as well, and I love it! and the walk back. great time to muse and absorb.

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