Posted by: Bethany Davis | November 5, 2009

21 days: a photo project

My dear friend and artist, Janna, works at NYCAM, a faith-based art program for college students in Manhattan. Yesterday she began collecting photographs from about 35 people around the world. Each person is tasked with taking a photo of themselves for 21 days and writing anywhere from one word to one page about it. In response, Janna will create a sketch, painting, or some type of art about the image and content. It’s a novel idea and I’m curious to see the end result.

We’ll attempt to post our pictures for next 21 days — until the day before Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy the journey with us!


Bethany: “Today we invented a game with m&ms. Without looking at the color, we tired to guess what color we were eating. Turns out they all taste the same. We lost every time.”


Brian: “Every once in a while it’s nice to walk instead of drive when you go somewhere nearby. I wish the rest of the world thought the same way.”



  1. we walk everywhere in nyc. it’s fantastic.
    tonight we had chocolate cupcakes with m&m’s in primary colors on top. they made our study marathon much happier.
    great idea. i’m excited to see what you guys come up with.
    ❤ t.

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