Posted by: Bethany Davis | October 31, 2009

Free Night of Theatre

DSCN3275DSCN3276With 2 free tickets to see a play at the Alliance Theatre, we decided to plan a Midtown date night. Brian’s work parking pass let us park for free at Colony Square, so our only expense was dinner at the Tamarind Seed Thai Bistro. It’s the first date night we’ve gone out to eat in months – we loved it! Thai food is quickly becoming our favorite — the  mix of peppers and peanuts… mmm!

Over the summer I stumbled upon a Free Night of Theater website that lets you get 2 free tickets to the show and theater of your choosing. A Life in the Theatre was a unique show with only two actors. It depicted what the life of an actor is like behind stage and on stage. Parts were hilariously absurd (a segment of a show they operated on aliens), yet they the roles they played ware a paradigm of the desperation they felt towards giving their life to theater.

Before going we read a review that Patrick Stewart and Joshua Jackson were co-stars in a British debut. Now that would be an interesting show to watch… I just got over picturing Jackson as a Dawson’s Creek stars when we watch Fringe, but picturing him in this play throws me off again!

We’ve thankful for he tickets and the change to appreciate the arts together.  Next weekend, thanks to tickets from a Richmont friend, we’ll be seeing the Broadway show In the Heights at the Fox!


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