Posted by: Bethany Davis | October 29, 2009

chocolate in the courtyard

DSCN3257We have a glorious courtyard in our apartment complex. I was “forced” to discover it when my our new neighbor, an aspiring rapper, moved in. The walls are already pretty thin, so we hear him practicing, we hear him recording, and we hear the recordings (on surround sound). DSCN3261Brian and I have memorized his lyrics and even have some “favorites.”

As you can imagine, rap music isn’t exactly conducive to studying, or well, anything else. So, I’ve found some solace in the courtyard.

On Sunday afternoon Brian and I had a lovely time drinking hot chocolate and finishing up our German Chocolate cake.

Now our four months into marriage, we realize how blessed we are to have a strong foundation – thanks to those who helped demonstrate what a healthy marriage looks like, the environment at IMPACT 360 where we developed a strong friendship, and our informal and formal pre-martial counseling from the Hughes.

DSCN3271With my busy school schedule and Brian’s very full work schedule, we’ve learned to value every moment spent together. At our small group this week we discussed the role of romance in a marriage. Just like Christ calls, woos, and pursues the nation of Israel, we are to continually pursue our mate. When we try to explain our “date nights,” sometimes they sound fairly commonplace. But it’s not the actually activities that we engage in that make it special, it’s the intentionality. We’re amazed at how our limited budget and increased our creativity in planning special times together! We even decided to come back outside and grill out for dinner!

A Sunday afternoon is suddenly full of incredible joy, because of the intentionality of making hot chocolate, grabbing the leftover cake, and heading out to enjoy the fall day.

The simplicity of our quality time is close to my heart!




  1. this is the best story ever. love how you’re able to talk about rapping, chocolate, and romance all in one blog.

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