Posted by: Bethany Davis | October 7, 2009

it’s a beautiful day….

U2 twoThanks to J-ho sharing his tickets, Brian and I had our first experience seeing U2 live. We knew traffic would be horrendous and parking steep, so we took Stacey and Phil up on their offer to park (for free) at their church in midtown. After dinner at J.R. Crickets across from the Varsity, we took Marta to the Georgia Dome. Already packed out because of the concerts, it felt like some European subway system where people think there is no limit to how many people can fit in a metro car. While we were pressed against a dozen others, Brian met two people who also worked in Colony Square. They swapped Bono sighting stories from the morning until the radio station intern informed us that he was an impersonator. Crazy that a painter can make a living off pretending to be Bono….

I’d heard that seeing U2 live is a spiritual experience, but that was understatement. Bono enraptured the a crowd of about 30,000. Fans from all walks of life were swaying simultaneously, smiling, and signing the lyrics they knew by heart. Men who were probably wearing stiff suits a few hours early were dancing, looking intoxicated from the music. U2’s rotating stage and incredible technology made him seem up close and personal; apparently, it’s the biggest stage ever built in the Georgia Dome.

I couldn’t help but compare the experience to eternal life with the Lord. All signing, worshiping together, forgetting all else but the moment… yet, who or what was the object of worship? We they lost in the musical sounds, the lyrics, adoring Bono, or just caught up the audience’s momentum of enthrallment?

U2 performed for about 2 1/2 hours — truly an incredible show. We’re honored to have witnessed this iconic performers’ energy-driven (and politically charged) performance.



  1. Whoa.

  2. We saw the show in Raleigh at Carter Finley! 😀 It WAS a good show. MUSE was rockin’ too.

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