Posted by: Brian Andrew Davis | August 27, 2009

Brian’s New Job at Chick-fil-A

squareI haven’t officially put this on the blog yet, so I figured I would write about my new job. I started working two weeks ago (come this Friday) at the Chick-fil-A in downtown Atlanta on Peachtree Street in the Colony Square Mall food court.

For those of you who have followed my job history, I have worked a lot for different organizations that are related to Chick-fil-A, including:

1) the Rome, GA Dwarf House (which is pretty close to being a regular CfA) although most of the work I did there was on the full-serve restaurant side

2) WinShape Camps , as a counselor, tribal leader, and then the Leaders-In-Training Director

3) IMPACT 360 – two years full time staff on campus teaching leadership hands-on with students

…however, this is the first time I have actually worked for a ‘full-blooded’ Chick-fil-A unit. Last week I worked on the breading table–dumping the raw chicken breasts (after ‘fileting’ them) into our patented milk and egg and then covering them in our wonderful season coater. Then we cook them in 100% peanut oil. This week I have been working on ‘boards’–putting together menu items as they are ordered so our guests can each enjoy excellent quick service and the product just as they expect it.

While I waslogon’t expecting to be here (working in the kitchen of a Chick-fil-A unit) after being married while my wife is in graduate school, it actually makes a lot of sense. We have both been wondering if a future with Chick-fil-A is something we want to pursue, and nothing makes more sense than to learn EVERYTHING I can about the workings of a store from the inside out. Thankfully the Operator, Jeff Moran, is a really fantastic man who not only loves Jesus a lot, but loves people and wants to help me learn everything I can and develop my management skills along the way. We are both excited about using the SERVE model (a leadership model that Chick-fil-A uses and we taught to the IMPACT students) at Colony Square CfA and working to develop our team into one that embraces all of the values that Chick-fil-A stands for.

Our unit’s mission statement is to create raving fans by being excellent at what we do. For me right now, that means simply trying to learn the workings and functionings of every part of a Chick-fil-A store. I want to be an excellent breader, an excellent chicken burrito wrapper, an excellent lemon squeezer and stock puller. The simplicity of what is before me is humbling in some ways (again, not where I envisioned myself as a married man) but in that humility and singularity of focus, I am much like the man in the parable of the talents who only received one talent. The way I see it, I can either do as he did and hide it for fear of what the master may think if I mess up, or I can invest it and work as hard as possible, only to be entrusted with more later on down the road. This is one of our core values–stewardship.

For those who may not know, Chick-fil-A’s coprorate purpose statement is “to glorify God by being faithful stewards of all that He has entrusted us and to have a positive impact on all who come into contact with Chick-fil-A.” By going to work each day with my uniform and nametag I am not only working to better myself and try to envision what my future might look like with CfA, but I am becoming a part of a ‘corporate machine’ (that is beautifully indepently operated by over a thousand men and women of like-mind) that is seeking to glorify God by using chicken as a tool. What a blessing and what a great place to be!



  1. I’m gonna come find you at Chick-fil-a, just you wait B-rian!

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