Posted by: Bethany Davis | August 24, 2009

Finishing Touches

In each room, I’ve saved a small decorative detail to share.


When Brian and I visited Gina’s Junk in Columbus, GA, we picked up this small, folding floral hamper. I’m not sure what it’s intended use is, but we are using it as bathroom magazine rack. We’ve been keeping some old issues of Relevant Magazine, most recent issue of Creative Loafing, and handful of Anthropology catalogs. Like we mentioned in an earlier post, we really owe it to their store and catalogs for getting our creative juices going and gives us ideas!


Although this isn’t a new item, the glass vase with wire around it seemed like the perfect fit for the bedpost. The vase was purchased in an antique store in Pine Mountain, GA, and the dried wisps are plucked from Callaway Gardens. The vases are easy to make, in fact, I gave some away as Christmas presents two years ago.

detail officeOffice

Jon Jon gave Brian and I this shadowbox above our desk. It has pictures from our engagement and the places we’ve been together. In the cubbies are items that represent memories we’ve shared. For example, he started us off with a rock and piece of a castle we visited in Slovakia. The rock resents the firm foundation we had in the Lord even before we were married. The piece of the castle reminds us of how our time in Europe was very formative in drawing us together.

Jon Jon told us to continue placing things in the shadowbox throughout our lives. When our children are old enough, we are to let them pick an item out of the shadow box and we can tell them various stories of our life together. (awww!)

The Kitchen


We are always looking for little ways to tie in the decor from room to room, since it is pretty much one space anyways! Continuing a motif from our wedding (see it on our invitations), we’ve decorated with two little birds. It’s on the pillow on our bed, on our juice glasses, and our little salt and pepper shakers.

Update: We finally bought a matching plate set! When we were registering we just couldn’t find the right set, so decided to wait and continue using our mismatched plates. I found a set at Big Lots, but needed one more box to have enough. After visiting two more stores, we found the last box we needed. Sweet and sour chicken was our first meal on the plates – I think it made it taste even better!

Living Space

IMG_3259This wall was begging was something with texture, color, and nostalgia.  It already painted brown when we moved in, which makes the shelf really pop. When I (Bethany) was 20, I traveled with Greater Europe Mission in Europe doing communication work for 6 months. It was a wonderful, incredibly challenging experience, that truly will forever impact my life. In each other 9 countries I visited, I picked up teacup or piece or servingware. At the time, they were scattered around my suitcase I doubted they would survive my trip, muchless the flight home! The shelves seemed to be the perfect place to display them, and gives continuing to the experience.

It surprised me how much hardware costs at Lowe’s. We had the option of spending about $14/shelf on braces, or buying basic white brackets for .98 each. We opted for the cheap version and spray painted them black. (The exception is the hallway shelf, which we kept white) We’re pretty pleased with how it turned out!


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