Posted by: brianandbethany | August 23, 2009

The Living Space


At the far end of our apartment lies the largest open area which we made into our living space. Because the green leather couch that Brian had for years, as wIMG_3269ell as his coffee table and both of our rugs, were all too big for the area, we had to simplify by selling these things on Craigslist. We set up both of the couches that Bethany had at IMPACT to create a kind of nook in which we placed the television and the the coffee table. We have Mancala (…an ancient Egyptian game, you LOST fans…) on the table along with Cribbage (…a not-as-ancient British game…) out as well. The end table fit well beside the couch and offerIMG_3261s a storage place for some books as well as a nice place to put a lamp.

Behind the couch we have put the stained glass table that Brian’s dad made for Bethany (at Christmas). Please note: it’s a wooden table that she uses to MAKE stained glass pieces). Bethany’s harp, IMG_3270Brian’s acoustic, the telescope, as well as the CD tower sit against the wall and look beautiful together. Sitting a little ways out from the wall, the kitchen table (that we carried from WV to NYC and back) is non-obtrusive and also a beautiful addition to the room, as it once belonged to Bethany’s grandmother. We hung one of Bethany’s lamps from the rafters and pulled the extension cord along the wall behind the CD tower to keep it hidden. The light is red (at least for now) and really just serves as an accent over the table.

The finishing touch that took us the longest to complete was the series of shelves on the wall above the harp and guitar. Bethany has been collecting servewear and teacups from different places in the world, and now it is showcased in a lovely way, along with the jade plant we got from Aunt Carol and Uncle Mike and the clove flowers and vase we got from MariaIMG_3266 (Linder) Gray.

The windowsills house a few move special serve-wear pieces, our collection of LOST DVDs, and a growing shoot from part of the Jade plant that fell off. But what excites us most in the window is the new herb garden that Bethany planted two weeks ago. Cilantro, parsley, thyme, basil, and chives are growing wonderfully in little pots by the sunlight. The same material we used in the bedroom (septic ground cover) hangs on either corner to offer a kind of faux curtain that helps frame the room.




  1. We are very proud of you both. You have

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