Posted by: brianandbethany | August 22, 2009

The Kitchen

IMG_3277When we first starting getting our kitchen items out of boxes, there was a moment where we gave each other a look that said, “There’s no way this stuff is going to fit.” The kitchen is truly lacking in cabinets and storage space!

As a remedy, we created more shelf space and also used the laundry room for pantry space (as we have already shown) and used another shelf unit to store all of our coffee and tea accessories (including mugs, travel mugs, as well as the necessary French press, hot pot, grinder, and of course the coffee and tea themselves).

The shelf we installed above the sink houses the toaster oven and also allows room for a basket that our bananas and other occasional fresh produce winds up in. DSCN3026The microwave is housed on top of the refrigerator, which is still manageable for us.

The other shelf we installedIMG_3275 sits on the back of the oven and provides our measuring cups (from Miss Barbara and Athena at the Davis Inn!) and our birdie salt and pepper shakers, as well as a handy dry weight scale we found at the Lunch Box Museum Thrift Market in Columbus.

We’re also trying to utilize the refrigerator space as many people do by posting notes and pictures on it. The cabinets are all chock full of pots and pans, plates and glasses, mixing bowls and spatulas.

Then on TOP of the cabinets we found a home for all the various cookbooks and recipe holders that Bethany has collected (the Bread Book from the Beckhams gets used a lot!), as well as some nice serving wear (such as the golden cookwear from Argentina that was given to us from the Gwynns). Also , Bethany’s beautiful stained glass piece of a sailboat sits on top, and we fit a light behind it that we can unplug from the laundry room to turn on and off.

We’re pleased with the way it turned out since it initially looked like we were going to have stack boxes up beside the oven. We are having to store the Crock Pot, the George Foreman, and the griddle in the laundry room, although we have used each of them already and will many times more.IMG_3280IMG_3279



  1. Brian is lookin’ smokin’ hot with shirt all off like so.

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