Posted by: brianandbethany | August 21, 2009

The Laundry Room / Hallway

IMG_3240The laundry room is actually of a fairly nice size. Since our kitchen was struggling with not enough room, we made the back of the laundry room into a pantry space for storing dry food. It works well since it is out sight from the main room, but still just around the corner from the kitchen space. Of course we also have a washer and dryer that were given to us by my granddad, Gramps. cE1PTThey work wonderfully; this is actually the first time I have lived somewhere where I don’t have to walk a ways to do the laundry.

There is plenty of shelf space so the laundry room has also become some very practical storage space for us. In addition, we hung hooks from the rafters and hung our camping gear in our backpacking packs high above. Behind the door we have stored our DDR pads and guitar hero guitars. The door is decorated with one of Addie Newcomer’s wonderful prints. We call it the ‘watermelon iron’ since it looks a little like both–we love it.

IMG_3229More that you missed in the hallway on yesterday’s post: we hung Bethany’s snowboard from some rafters. It’s almost exclusively visible when you are exited (door is where the lantern is). Additionally, we hung some large prints ofIMG_3216 engagement pictures that Haley Manning made for us and we used at our wedding so that you see them immediately when you walk in. Yes, these picture frames are from IKEA and are called ‘Fjallstas’, which quickly became our favorite word to say. Say it, just once, for fun… “Fa-Jawl-Stas”… 🙂


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