Posted by: brianandbethany | August 20, 2009

The Office


As we noted in our “Before” blogpost, the hallway is really wide and takes up a lot of our 730 square feet. We didn’t plan to use it originally, but after we tried a corner unit desk in the main room and decided we didn’t like it, we changed our minds.

We’ve altered a desk that I (Brian) had from college by removing the tall shelving unit on the back as well as the useless keyboard tray (since we both own laptops). The rolling chair has adjustable height and therefore can roll up underneath for storage. All in all, the hallway is five feet wide and the desk only protrudes two feet, so the space is used well with the desk. We cut some extra barn lumber to make a shelf that sits above the desk, on which we have set several important pictures and knickknacks. Three handy squares of bulletin board material are pasted on the wall beneath the shelf for notes. The lamp on the desk helps to light the hallway.

We purchased the pull-out drawer unit from Bed Bath and Beyond (another good usage of gift cards from the wedding) and found a new home for the iPod speaker set we got from Justin Snodgrass (thanks!). (It’s to the left of the desk). Bethany was able to sort through the boxes of office-type things that the both of us had accumulated and find what worked and what didn’t and put it all together in a neat way. She certaintly gets the credit for this gem of space usage.

DSCN3181It’s neat to see the items that belonged to us meshing together in one place. When we moved in, we had separate boxes to open, but now our picture frames are side-by-side, rubik cubes stacked together, and collections of pens dumped in the same container. As minute as sounds, this was one the thrills of joining our lives together.



  1. That looks awesome – I’d love to see a photo from the beginning of the hallway all the way down, just to see the use of space.

    • check out the post tomorrow- your wish will be granted! 🙂

  2. Vonderful! very nice shadow box i see.

    • and more to come on that… in due time… 😉

  3. Someone (s) are having too much fun making a home. It has been fun seeing what the two of you have done together, pretty incredible and the extra touches are incredible. You two make a good team. I am waiting to see your kitchen, is that coming next? I know Bethany loves to cook so this should be fun to see what you have done. Over all everything looks fantastic with a lot of creativity, careful planning and taste you are making your home a real home. How fun! And it is fun for the rest of us to be invited into your home even at a distance. Great job you two.

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