Posted by: brianandbethany | August 19, 2009

The Making of the Bed

DSCN3030When we first got the idea to make our own bed, we didn’t know how many sketches, pieces of lumbers, drops of sweat, and hours of labor lay ahead. But, the project was well worth our time! Plus I (Bethany learned how to properly use powertools and even cut some of the wood!) 🙂

The first step was buying some massive crates off of Craigslist (from a place that builds carburetors for racing vehicles…they shipped pressure plates in these crates). Brian began making some sketches based on the crates measurements.  Our idea was to put our mattress and box spring on top of the crates.DSCN3031 While the crates hold a lot of weight in their bottom, our hope was to turn them sideways so as to store things under the bed and create a type of shelving. When we did this, we realized that they were not quite as structurally sound. We reinvented.

DSCN3036In Brian’s parents’ backyard lay a pile of lumber from an old barn. It once stood on the property of the church that he grew up in, but was torn down when they built their new building. His dad was going to use the wood to build some kind of shed, but never got around to it. Thankfully for us, it was exactly what we were looking for. Over the course of an afternoon and an evening, we cut all the wood, screwed together a few important parts, shipped all the lumber to Brumby in his dad’s truck, and assembled the bed in the small bedroom. The finished structure puts the top of the mattress at just under five feet tall.



As we started looking for two nightstands, we realized our one-of-a-kind bed towered over the ones in the stores. So, why not make our own? Well, that’s just what we did. We picked out two tall lights for each nightstand (matching other lights in the apartment) and designed the stand around it. On the front sits the light; behind the light is a taller shelf that comes to the bedpost level.


As a finishing touch, I (Bethany) have enjoyed decorating the shelves with books, feathers, potpourri, blankets, etc… Looking back on the project, we thoroughly enjoying creatively designing something so functional as our bed. We feel like a king and queen climbing into the throne. Aside from occasionally hearing the trains, we sleep quite well!



  1. mmm… love me some nancy drew…

    and of course the bed!

    great job you guys!

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