Posted by: brianandbethany | August 18, 2009

The Bedroom

DSCN3087The first two nights we were in our apartment we slept on the floor. Well, on the box spring and the mattress–which were on the floor. We were dreaming up something big. Something that was inspired by our visit to the Anthropolgie store in NYC.

The bed was a multi-day process, and since there is much to show and tell, we’re doing a post tomorrow devoted to how we made the bed. IMG_3197However, we can tell you that the storage space underneath is quite encompassing. We are able to fit all of our books as well as all of our folded clothing (t-shirts, shorts, jeans, and more) under our bed. For an apartment that is lacking in storage space, this was a much needed victory for us. The old style lumber matches the rafters in the ceiling and continues the ‘barn-feel’ of the whole apartment, but in a more whimsical way with all we put with it.

We purchased the lights at IKEA and built the sidetables about a weekIMG_3213 later using the same lumber supply (pictures tomorrow). The opposing walls are painted ‘Cool Breeze’ a bluish-green color that matches the pillow on the bed. The fabric that creates the canopy is septic ground cover from Home Depot ($10 for a spool of 150 yards). We originally bought it for the main room (soon to be shown), but liked it so much that we decided to use it in the bedroom too. Above the closet Bethany hung from the rafters her wedding bouquet and two bridesmaids bouquets. The paper lanterns are what we used to decorate the weeping willow at our wedding.

IMG_3221The dresser is from the bedroom suite that I had growing up (we have nightstands and a massive armoire to go with it, but it’s at my parents house still as there is NO room for them here). IMG_3202The ladder was another craigslist purchase, an old bunkbed ladder for $5. The full-length mirror in the corner (which didn’t make it in the pictures) is from Tristan Cairns, a friend from Columbus. The ‘curtain’ that hangs in front of the closet is actually meant for a garden (its from IKEA) but Bethany used it above her bed at IMPACT and it’s a good fit in the closet.

We’re really happy with the bed especially (it’s neat how the light from the skylight illuminates the bed in the daytime), but love the way the whole room fits together and is a unique part of the beautiful home that the Lord has given us.



  1. I love this bed. Love it! The whole room is perfectly you – well planned, practical, and whimsical. Well done, guys!

    • thanks so much, sarah!

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