Posted by: brianandbethany | August 17, 2009

The Bathroom

ShYecSince we already dropped the spoiler about the red paint a week ago, we wanted to get the bathroom out of the way first.

Honestly, it was probably the room in most need of some change. As I said in an earlier blogpost, the off-white shower curtain was just not working with the white walls, ceiling, and black and white tile floor. IMG_3253We finally completed the bathroom’s paint job after four coats and an extra touch-up on the ceiling (we learned by trial and error to use a razorblade when taking the tape off). The one towel rack we moved over the toilet and underneath our new medicine cabinet IMG_3249($30 purchase from Home Depot). Because storage space is a premium, the medicine cabinet was a must–we have put all of our daily use items (face cleaners, deodorant, hair stuff) in the cabinet and any other bathroom stuff in the bottom. We now use the old towel rack for hand towels and have bought a new towel rack / shelf unit (gift card from Target) that holds two towels and then extra towels rolled up as well as some other odds and ends. The shower caddy (on our registry) also helped us get organized.

DSCN3171Overall we are very pleased with the transformation. The red paint absorbs some of the light and its’ a bit harder to see in the shower, but the color change was well worth the battle with the walls.

Lastly, we couldn’t have completed the bathroom without your help. Thanks to to Julie G, Leslie K, the Cooks, Nathan C, Whitney P, Bekah H, The Kerseys, George A, Elizabeth H,  the Tilsons, and the Vitullos for the bathroom wedding gifts!



  1. Looks like a great place. I love the blog. Really well done!

    • thanks, Phil! It’s so nice to be settled. hope to see ya’ll soon!

  2. Hey! I’ve been there!


    nice photos!

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