Posted by: Brian Andrew Davis | August 6, 2009


Well, we promised pictures of the inside, so here they are…sort of.  We are still doing the finishing touches and trying to sell loads of stuff on craigslist and to clear out much needed SPACE in our new home, but we wanted to show you some of the pictures we took of the inside before we moved in.

IMG_0642The main room has a wonderful white brick back wall, and the two walls adjacent to it have been painted a brown from top to bottom.  The windows are actually quite high (you can’t see much out them except trees) but there’s not a lot to see except an occasional passing train and the tracks.  However, the windows do let an ample amount of light in during the daytime, which is what appealed to us about this unit (and what we didn’t like about the unit we almost chose–it had only one small window!)  The ceilings are lowest against this wall, sitting at 13 feet here.  They rise to about 20 feet further toward the center.

IMG_0643If you know Bethany, you know how much she loves to cook (and how great she is at it!).  As such, the kitchen is an extremely important part of our apartment and probably the place we spend some of the most time.  It is actually the 180 degree opposite view from the above picture, located on the backside of the main room.  As you can see from the kitchen picture, we are quite limited in both cabinet and counterspace.  We’ll show you how we’ve been working to remedy that in some creative ways.

IMG_0644The hallway that runs from the entrance to the main room (and has the bedroom and bath off of it) is actually really wide in our apartment, and winds up taking a good bit of our 730 square feet of space up.  We like the wall space (for decorating), but actually using the space for productive purposes was not something we had in mind (…originally).

IMG_0645The skylight in the bedroom is one of the things that instantly attracted us to this apartment unit.  It lets in a good bit of light to the otherwise windowless bedroom.  Because it gets really dark in the bedroom at night, getting good lighting was also a priority for us in this room.  We’ll show you what we did to help out with that.  We also love all the wooden rafters in the ceiling, feeling like it gives the place a ‘barnish’ look.  We capitalized on both the ‘barn feel’ and the space in the rafters (in more than one way) and will show you how!

IMG_0646The bathroom was another thing we liked about this unit over the other one–it is long and gives more space than it would if it were more square (like the unit we were going to get originally).  However, when we stuck our shower curtain up and realized it was off-white (with some color) and the floor was half white and the walls were white…we suddenly realized we had a problem.  There was also one (you can see it in the picture) towel rack in the bathroom.  One.  For handtowels, wet towels, washcloths, and everything.  We’ve made some changes (well…still some changes to come here before we post) and will show you very soon.

I don’t have any pictures of the bedroom in its original state, but imagine a 10’x10′ square with a walk-in closet that is about 2.5′ x 10′ feet that runs along the back wall.  That’s it.  The skylight is in the ceiling and the walls go up about 8 feet before it opens to the barn-ish rafters.

We’re really excited about our new home and that God has blessed us with the ability to be here.  We want it to be a place that is distinctly ours and represents us as well as lets us be who we are, but we want it to be used for His good and glory.



  1. Why is your apartment so awesome?

  2. If your apartment were a bible translation, it would be one by Eugene Peterson. I like your little hipster habitation (and my astounding alliteration).


  3. […] we noted in our “Before” blogpost, the hallway is really wide and takes up a lot of our 730 square feet. We […]

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