Posted by: Bethany Davis | August 4, 2009

our new home

DSCN3044I can’t believe it’s been six days since we moved into our apartment! We’ve been in our own little world moving furniture around, opening boxes, bed building, and craigslist selling.

Pictures of the inside are coming soon, but I wanted to give a little teaser of the outside of our unit, hallway, and building.

The Brumby Lofts were built in the 1800s as aDSCN3045 rocking chair factory. We love the exposed brick and industrial style ceilings! We have a walking bridge connecting us to the Marietta Square area (see left). And, a railroad that runs right outside our window. Which is cool, but made sleeping the first few nights a little tricky. 🙂

Pictures of the inside are coming. We’ve made several trips to Lowes and Home Depot and are trying to sell some things on craigslist.


The apartment is coming along! We’re so thankful to Brian’s family who helped us move in! We discovered the day before we moved in that the elevator doesn’t reach our portion of the THIRD floor. So, we painstakingly moved all our belongs and furniture in the 3 flights of stairs.


I’m thankful that both Brian and I enjoy settling and making our place a home. We’ve had to be really creative because space is a premium here, which has made moving in quite an adventure. More to come soon!



  1. Bethany! If ‘m not mistaken, I have friends that live there!!! I could be wrong, but I’m going to see if I can get in touch with them. Do you guys live really close to Marietta Square?

  2. Awesome. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. I really can’t wait to see photos of the inside. The outside looks amazingly modern and minimal. Love what you’ve shown so far!

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