Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 31, 2009

Columbus, Georgia: Date Nights, Part 3 (of 4)

Okay, we’re getting close to the end of our date night suggestions. Remember you can mix and match any of these together!

7. Riverwalk + Country’s + Farmer’s Market + Judybug’s Books

IMG_9414This date is perfect for a Saturday morning through early afternoon. Load up your bikes and water bottles and start off at the Columbus Riverwalk. In it’s entirety, the Riverwalk is 15 miles, but you can choose to shorten your trip if you choose. Brian and I enjoyed doing a loop (takes about 20 minutes) starting at ending a Country’s Barbecue (1329 Broadway), which is also a great place to park your car. After doing some biking, order lunch at Country’s along with a Goober Sunday, a local favorite. Next, you can either walk, bike, or drive to Judybug’s Books (1033 Broadway); it’s the best used bookstore I’ve found in Columbus. The owner is very knowledgeable and friendly and has a good selection of books and old records. Finally, head over to the Columbus Farmer’s Market (318 10th Avenue). They have a great selection of locally grown produce. Take some home and make a nice dinner!

IMG_97328. Flat Rock Park + pets + picnic
Flat Rock Park is the perfect way to relax on a Saturday afternoon. The park has some unique rock structures (to your right as you drive in) that you can walk across. Bring a picnic lunch and blanket, push each other on the swings, and hike some of the trails. This is a great place to take your dogs (Grant & Heather!).

9. Art Museum + Fountain City

day32The wonderful thing about Columbus’ Art Museum (1251 Wynnton Road) is that it is always free. There are beautiful pieces here in the permanent collection. When Brian and I visited last year, we saw a gorgeous blown glass exhibit by Chihuly. If you are looking to keep the costs down on this date, instead of dinner, try Fountain City Coffee (1007 Broadway). It’s my favorite coffee shop in Columbus; an eclectic crowd gathers here drawing from the CSU art studios in the area. They roast their own beans, display local artwork, and have free wi-fi. Some Thursdays at 8pm they have open- mike-night. Order some espresso “for here” — they do some amazing foam art!



  1. I think I’ve spent more hours at that riverwalk than any other i360 student…Not to brag or anything… Just saying I love it.

  2. yep. and you’ve probably spent more time than brian and I have as well!

  3. i think ali and i went to that coffee shop early in the year and we both loved it…we went to the river also! a beautiful place at sunset 😀

  4. aww- sweet addie’s hands- miss you both!

    • haha – so great you recognize Addie’s hand! 🙂 miss you too!

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