Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 26, 2009

I’m passionate about passionate people

We’ve met a lot of people who simply love life. You name it — they are passionate about their family, hobby, career, etc… They find pleasure and contentment in pursuing “x” with passion and moderation.

DSCN3009After spending a few days at the lake house, I see how passionate Granddaddy is about fishing. He wakes up to fish, has his wife cook his fish, reads fishing magazines, records his catches, and does another round of fishing before the sun goes down. Grandmother is passionate about hospitality. She thrives on making sure others are well fed and taken care of. We ate three southern meals a day with (way to many) snacks in between. She even packed up our blueberries, blackberries, and fish on ice for the road.

We’ve also watched the Fox News special where Greta interviews Rush Limbaugh. Whether or not you agree with his political view, I do believe that this man truly cares about the American people like he says he does. He is passionate about society, ethics, and informing America about his views.

Today we had lunch with Jonathan and Deanna— Jon is the youth pastor at Southern, Southern (added for emphasis) Baptist Church. Here are some people who are passionate about each other and their ministry. I admire how they moved to a town that is different from their backgrounds and decided to love who ever God put in their path. Their genuine love has resulted in a burst in attendance and new professions of faith. Jon is passionate about being a youth pastor — not a lead pastor or teaching pastor — a youth pastor because he cares about the students God’s entrusted to him.

I recently did a survey on WeddingWire (incentive being a $5 Amazon Gift Card) on our wedding vendors. The one thing I realized that they all have in common is that they LOVE what they do. Dave and Paula love taking wedding pictures, Kim is obsessed with flowers and unique arrangements, Oakhurst loves seeing lives joined together at their facility, Britton’s favorite part about being a stylist is creating wedding updos, et al…

When it comes to careers, I desire that Brian and I pursue our passions. We can get by on little and are willing to if that’s what it comes to. Our ultimate passions will always be the Lord then each other, but we hope to be working side-by-side on something that excites our spirit. Although we aren’t completely sure what that will be yet, we are enjoying the every day.



  1. Thanks..I needed to read this today!

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