Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 23, 2009

Columbus, Georgia, Date Nights: Part 1

After calling Pine Mountain & Columbus “home” for two years, we finally returned for a visit. Grant and Heather, who recently relocated, hosted us for the night. Driving around town made me realize how many fun places we had enjoyed, and how many new places we had to explore in Marietta. We made a list of date nights to share with Grant & Heather, and decided to share the list with you as well.

1. Hunter’s Pub
This whole-in-the-wall is pretty much in the middle of nowhere off I-185, but it gives you a great glimpse at Harris County culture. Driving up you’ll see big rigs lining the road and people milling around waiting to be seating. Put a quarter in the jute box, and order yourself a big steak – they are definitely worth the wait. Brian says you’ve to order sweet potato fries as an appetizers and peanut butter pie for desert. (I agree!) (Note: they are closed on Mondays. Their address is 11269 GA 219, Hamilton)

2. Lunch Box Museum + Dingleberry Pharmacy + Gina’s Junk
DSCN2420For an afternoon throwback date, start off at the Lunch Box Museum (318 10th Ave). Over 3,500 lunchboxes are housed here reminding you of your favorite TV shows as a kid. Maybe you’ll even see your first lunchbox, like Brian did. With lunch on your mind, head over to Dingleberry Pharmacy, an old-fashioned pharmacy diner. DSCN3003(Located at 1939 Wynnton Road) Although we haven’t been personally, I hear the scrambled dogs are pretty good. To complete your date, check out Gina’s Junk (6020 Buena Vista Road). We were a little suspicious driving up, but she had some unique, low-priced items. We actually met “Gina” who seemed quite proud that she had utilized any inch of space in the house, including the bathroom.

3. Johnny’s NY Style Pizza + Zoo City
You can’t beat a $2/slice pizza, especially when it’s thin crust NY style. Johnny’s (6770 Veterns Pkwy #D) is cheap and quick and will fill you up before heading over Zoo City (2301 Airport Thruway). Brian has been here with the IMPACT guys, and they enjoyed the black-light indoor mini golf. They also have go-carts and arcade games – including DDR (woo hoo)!

More ideas to come!



  1. Hey! I thought you guys should know, but my mom’s starting up a blog based off her old newsletter based off of the interest YOU TWO have shown. She threw around the idea with a few people and everyone she used to write wants her to start up again. We are trying to find someone to help design the blog for us, but once we got it I’m going to help organize and make it happen. Woo hoo!

    • Wow! That is so awesome! I think there are many other who will be interested to hearing these tips. I can’t wait to read it – let me know when it is up!

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