Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 20, 2009

Day 2 & Helpful Websites for NYC

Our second day in the city included eating Arepas at a Venezuelan café, and walking through Grand Central Station, Chinatown, and Little Italy, The New Museum opened it doors for free on Thursday nights, so we saw some gripping photographs about the Apartheid and Aids epidemic in South Africa.

IMG_0579The most helpful website we found was Hop Stop. It provides directions specifically for big cities utilizing buses, metro, and walking through streets. Brian downloaded an iphone app for his phone, so we were able to figure everything out on the go. I HIGHLY recommend this!

The discount ticket company was also a blessing, saving you up to %50 off a ticket. I would not recommend going to the Times Square location, which a friend that visited a few weeks ago said had incredibly long lines.

Although we didn’t go to any private gallery openings, Janna shared a great website with me, Art Cat. It shows all the show openings in the next week and a preview of the artwork.

IMG_3143IMG_3141The very first night we arrived in the city, we went to Central Park with Janna and her roommates’ 5-year old daughter, Elise. The NY Philharmonic was planning, and we brought a blanket and a few Ale-8s that we picked up back in KY. The Central Park website is what alerted us to the concert.

Occasionally, Janna told us, Barnes and Noble will host some concerts and artist’s talks throughout the city. I’d check out their website to see if anything was happening during your trip.

Quick list: (click on events)



  1. I just sent the website to a friend who is touring NYC all week with her husband. Looks like this trip was a blast!

    • great! hope it is helpful!

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