Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 17, 2009

I want to live in an Anthropologie store

Cities inspire me.
The clash of culture, the over stimulation of graphics, and appreciation of the arts.

On our way to Rockefeller Center we visited Anthropologie— one of my favorite stores. Ever. In fact, if I could live in the pages of one magazine, it would be Anthropologie. (If you don’t get their catalogs, you should definitely request one online)

IMG_0588I’ve been in the Lenox Mall store, but the NYC store is no comparison. The merchandise is arranged into artistic installations. Some items in the store are solely used to enhance what is for sale. For example, in the kitchen area and old plastic cup and plastic milk jug had been spray painted with black chalkboard paint. With white chalk the prices for the nearby items had been written.IMG_0591

Using the same paint they had made lots of tiny chalkboard in wood frames. (see picture) Real teacups were displayed randomly on some, other had teacups drawn in chalk. With our 20-foot ceilings, you can see how my wheels are turning…

Other unique pieces including a collection of assorted vases (different hues and sizes) filled random items from wine corks to number 2 pencils. A string of glass bottles adorned one wall. Bookmarks were made out old buttons and hair clips. And chicken crate boxes were filled with light sources and placed on top of tall bookcases. Subway maps were modge-podged on fan blades. A old barn door made the flat top of a coffee table and planters were made directly into the surface for house plants. Inspiration everywhere you look!

IMG_0589The piece that inspired us the most was the amazing lofted bedroom. An antique ladder led up to the bed and then continued climbing the wall. Underneath the bed were nooks and crannies for storage and other antique items. Massive wheels and clocks decorated the adjacent walls.

I didn’t expect a store to be one of my favorite stops in New York City, but I definitely won’t miss this it next time I visit!


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