Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 17, 2009

books, art, a cupcake, and espresso

Today we journeyed to The Strand, one of my favorite bookstores. It’s wall-to-wall books, old and new. In the International Food shelf we “ooo”ed and “awww”ed (I think we were hungery) and finally decided on Sushi book. One of our wedding gifts was a sushi press kit and a gift card that we used to purchased a rice cooker, so we’ll try our hand at some Sushi when we move into our apartment.

IMG_0595On the way to The Strand we moseyed into Urban Outfitters off Broadway. We were hoping to see some unique decorating ideas likIMG_0596e Anthropology, but were a little disappointed. We did like the idea (on the right) of painting a colored block on the wall, putting burlap over it, and pinning photographs to it. The pots hanging by twine from a wooden frame were also innovative.

IMG_0597DSCN2985In Chelsea we enjoyed a European-style cappuccino in the French Bakery, La Bergamote, on the corner of 9th Ave. A block or so north we walked into Billy’s Bakery and split a carrot cake cupcake. Delicious!

We had planned to see the Yankees play the Mets in their new stadium, but the rain made us change our plans. We opted to visit the Museum of Modern Art, which is free on Fridays from 4-8 pm. We saw some Matisse, Cezanne, Pollock, and even Monet’s Starry Night.

DSCN2992I was most impressed by an exhibit called “Waste Not.” A Chinese woman had passed away and left a home filled of stuff. Things she thought she just might need one day. Fifteen toothpaste bottles, scores of shoes, plastic water bottles, and knick-knacks galore were organized and categorized around the actual structure of her house. What a great reminder of the things we hoard. What if all the things I owned were lined up like that? I bet people would draw the same conclusion — and why did Bethany & Brian keep this? 🙂



  1. so in case you didn’t already know: i love your blog, and the whole idea of honeymooning nomadic style!

    seeing that you just visited my soon to be home city (NYC) i just HAD to comment.

    1. strands is fantastic! nifty old books that you can make journals out of (bethany!)
    2. brian, the beard is dashing
    3. i will check out the store/magazine you recommended bethany, that places looks fantastic!
    4. yes, packing to move, unpacking, and getting ready to pack again makes me ask the question: why am i keeping this? very often!! sometimes i don’t have answers…darn that input strength # 5 ha ha.

    love you guys, excited to keep reading!

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