Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 16, 2009

Philadelphia on a dime in a day

IMG_3087On Monday we were off to the downtown! Parking was pricey ($17 for the day), but it was easy to spend very little money seeing the sites. Our first stop was the Visitor’s Center to pick up free tickets to see Independence Hall (thanks to our AAA guidebook for tipping us off to this!). We got directions to a home Edgar Allen Poe lived in from 1843-44, and where he wrote the Tell Tale Heart. Unfortunately, it was closed, but we took some pictures on the grounds.

IMG_3096After a picnic lunch (made by Pop-Pop) in Franklin Park, we made our way to the Liberty Bell. I read that it weighed 2,000 pounds and was expecting it to be massive, but was surprised by it’s relatively modest size.

We toured the Betsy Ross House ($3) and learned that Betsy had never even sowed a flag before she was asked to make our nation’s first flag. Brian and I agree that seeing Independence Hall was probably the most awe-inspiring visit. (brian pictured in front of the IMG_3130building) We saw the room where the Second Continental Congress voted to break with England, and the “Rising Sun” chair in which George Washington drafted the Constitution.

On our way out town we swung by Ben Franklin’s grave (Brian is mourning his death in the picture). Oddly, a bunch of pennies were thrown across his grave. Brian speculated, “why didn’t they throw $100s?” And lastly, we ate a Philly Cheesesteak at a local Pub.

The historical sites are very close together (making our walking a breeze after Charleston!) and the majority of them are free. The city isn’t flashy like D.C.; it was practical and humble for our country’s first capital. It was cheap and easy to see in one day.



  1. mmm i like philly cheesesteakes. I think it is in philly that they don’t charge tax on clothes, so next time you go, you should find a fun discount place to shop!! have you guys seen the national treasure movies?? oh yeah. philly’s a thriller. too bad you didn’t go underground a church and find a load of gold and fun statutes 😀

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