Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 15, 2009

Back to the Haegele Roots

IMG_3137I seldom get to see my Grandma and Pop-Pop, and they spoiled us rotten for 2 days were at their house. Uncle Herman Haegele was also there for the summer. At eighty-eight years old he’s in great health and is quite the jokester. Every summer he rides 23 hours on a train from central Florida to Philadelphia – what a trip!

I bet right now Pop-Pop is sitting in his chair in the living room, and Grandma and Uncle Herman are sitting at the kitchen table working on their word puzzles. Every hour on the hour the clocks ring — first the “angel clock” in the bathroom dings, then the Grandfather clock, and lastly the Christmas clock plays differentIMG_3135 Christmas tunes each time. They were perfectly timed; when one finished the other would start.

I am thankful that Brian and I spend some time Grandma and Pop-Pop and two of the few remaining Haegele family members — Herman and Cousin Carol. The time with family is irreplaceable!



  1. a Christmas clock????? this must be investigated…

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