Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 14, 2009

Maria + Nathan’s wedding

IMG_2799On July 11th, we had the honor of seeing our first IMPACT student, Maria Linder (now Maria Grey) get married. The location they pickIMG_2902ed was beautiful, even in the rain. ☺ Maria looked gorgeous in her dress and birdcage veil.

IMG_2813Everything was so tastefully done with wine and cheese and lovely music selections. The ceremony was in front of a lake, and the reception under a tent. At a few points the storm was so bad, the electric went out, but we dancing went on!

IMG_2832After the wedding we camped about 15 minutes at Pinch Pond away with Jon Jon, another former student. It was a little strange pulling up at 11 pm in our semi-formal wedding attire to pitch a tent. But, it was cheap and gave us a chance to catch up some more Jon Jon. I wonder which student will get hitched next?!



  1. Lucky you!

    Everyone looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see you guys.

  2. **Jon Jon sleep peacefully ina hammock between two trees in a park in Grove City PA when he wakes to a bright light**

    02:00 AM

    Cop: What you doin’?

    Jon jon: Um, I’m sleeping.

    Cop: why you sleeping at a park in the city?

    Jon jon: I have an interview at the college and no place to stay.

    Cop: Oh. Carry on. **walks away**

    My mom wants to give you a copy of her Big Idea Small Budget Book (BISB). It’s the first ten years of her news letter. she says that it’s basic and you might not get much from it. I am trying to find you a copy.

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