Posted by: Brian Andrew Davis | July 10, 2009

Posted While in the Drive-Thru at Arby’s

BETH: Our wedding is just what I hoped it would be. Wow.

Oh look restaurants. I could do Taco Bell. There’s a Wendy’s. Think we should stop here?


BETH: Okay. Oh, There’s an Arby’s. It’s a little far from the interstate, but I can’t really tell.

ME: We could try it.

BETH: Is that what we really want for dinner? Let’s make sure. (runs off the road) Sorry. Going a little crazy. (pause) I could do breadstick pizza from pizza hut too, though.

ME: What is breadstick pizza?

BETH: There’s this thing you twist off at the end of the pizza and there’s this buttery smooth breadstick bite that has cheese in the middle when you bite into it. (looks at me, typing on the computer) Are you writing down everything I say?

ME: Yes.


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