Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 9, 2009

Charleston for a day on a dime

IMG_2612Neither of us had been to Charleston, South Carolina, and we were ready to explore as much as we could in our 24-hour trip.

Our trip began with a visit to the Cobb County Library in Georgia. We picked up a pile of books on all the potential places we might visit on Honeymoon Parts 3 and 4. While Brian drove from Raleigh to Charleston, I read aloud about the city’s history and tourist attractions. Since our goal was to conserve money, our first stop was the tourist center in downtown Charleston. We grabbed some free mapDSCN2933s, restaurant info, and coupons. We contemplated taking a guided tour for about $20 a person, but decide the $4 self-guided tour book would do. Next we headed to the primitive camping area at James Island Campground. A camping permit was $26/night, which beats out an hotel price. Dinner consisted of $.78 hot dogs wrapped in $2 crescent rolls on a stick and gala apples from my mom.

On the way down we had stopped at Target to get sunscreen and bugspray. In the camping section, we had a great (what we thought was a great) idea: why not buy bug spray and suntan lotion together? Appealing as it sounds — half the price and only one bottle to carry around – it didn’t keep the bugs away. Some things you go cheap on, but it turns out bug spray is not one of them.

After a leisurely morning, we hit Chick-fil-a (would you have guessed?) for coffee to go with mom’s banana bread she had sent with us. Folly Beach was only minutes away and not too crowded. Free parking and showers is also a plus.

The walking tour was wonderful, it was at our own pace and definitely gave us some exercise. We estimated about 6 miles in the heat! IMG_2613The only free museum we found was the Post Office Museum. With blogs, facebook, texting, it seemed antiquated and made me thankful this piece of history was being preserved. At the tIMG_2622op, Brian is pictured in front of a port where slaves were once auctioned off as soon as they got off the boast from Africa. There’s some amazing history in this town! And, on the other spectrum, we saw a Davis Hill weather stick. Supposedly, the direction it points indicates what the weather will be like. (it’s pictured to the right) And lastly, we ate some great Seafood off the Old Market (free crab dip with our handy coupon).

It was wonderful, semi-spur-of- the-moment trip, and spending only about $55 (plus gas) made it even better!




  1. hmmm that meal sounds familiar!! except i bet you guys weren’t silent the whole time 😛

    this is tiffany by the way, sorry it says persuasions it’s for my blog/book site.

    you guys sound like you’re having a blast. it’s funny b/c we lived a lot like this growing up and i thought i was weird always doing the free stuff but you guys make it look like what it is really: simplicity and contentment without the unnecessary and petty glamour.



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