Posted by: brianandbethany | July 8, 2009

Honeymoon Part III: First Stop – Harlan, KY

IMG_2728First stop on our Honeymoon Part III (Part I: Cancun and Part II: NC/SC/GA) is Harlan, KY. Addie and Donnie Newcomer, some of our dear friends from Columbus, GA are doing summer missions here with AIM directing projects and a team of project managers. We are staying in the house they are living in for the summer–a Catholic parish house complete with crucifixes and the 14 stations of the cross. (the photo was taken outside in front of the statue)

Bethany and I have set up our base in the prayer room. Holy water, kneeling benches, and unfortunately two air mattresses (both twin-sized–we thought we had a queen-sized and unrolled it to find that it was a twin. Thankfully Addie found an extra one!) Brian and I are spending a few days here on our way to a wedding in PA (with a few more stops before and after). I made a Google map of the trip (especially for you, Jon Jon!).

IMG_2717Harlan is a special place. It’s nestled in the mountains of eastern Kentucky and most of the residents are coal miners. The movie theater’s prices are unheard of — new movies for 3 bucks! To celebrate our 1 month anniversary, we watched a movie with Addie Donnie. (check out the photo – To usher in Addie’s birthday at midnight she was attacked with shaving cream by her college staffers) Oh, and a random fact: Harlan was featured in a Darrell Scott song called “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive.” And, you won’t get cell phone reception while you are.

It’s a little odd sleeping beneath the crucifixes, but we’re glad to be here and have felt better after having bathed in the holy water (just kidding – but I did think about a little sprinkling).



  1. So, is Harlan, Kentucky and the ministry there something you two might find yourselves investing in one day? Sounds kind of right up your alley if you ask me and it would not surprise me at all?

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