Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 2, 2009

Cirque de la Symphonie

Brian and I were challenged by our marriage counselors, David and Karolee Hughes, to have date night once a week. It might sound silly to start this tradition now, when almost every moment of every day is spent together. But, it gives us a special night to look forward to and memories to look back on years into our marriage.

Creativity is something both Brian and I bring the marriage. Date night is a great platform to put this in action, so we are taking turns with the planning. I had the honor of planning last Saturday’s and selected an evening at the Cirque de la Symphonie, a traveling artistic performance with the backdrop of live symphony music. Aerial flyers, acrobats, contortionists, dancers, jugglers, balancers, and strongmen share the stage with the orchestra. Watching men and women, God’s prized creation, use their bodies in perfect tempo and balance was breathtaking.( PS- I didn’t take this picture, but thought helped capture the event)

3598077699_c1a42f86efThe show was at Regency Park, an outdoor amphitheater in Cary, NC. We packed up a little picnic basket with some Trader Joe’s humus, baguette, sushi, cheese, crackers, fruit salad, and mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies. With both of us unemployed we knew this evening would be a splurge, with tickets running $30 a piece. But, the Lord always provides, doesn’t He? While we were in line a man approach the mom in front of us and gave her 2 tickets, saying he didn’t need them. When that happens, you usually think, “wow, so close. if only I was one person up in line that could’ve been me!” We smiled and agreed with the mom how nice that was and then turned back in line. A couple minutes later, the mom came back up to Brian and said, “my friend didn’t show up either, so why don’t you take this other ticket.”

Praise the Lord – She’d just handed us 30 bucks! Brian and I are so thankful that we are able to have this month or so together before work, school, etc… When travel plans just seem to come together, or we got an unexpected discount on something it reminds me what a great God we serve!

And, if you ever have a chance to see the show, go! Even if we’d paid for two tickets, it would have been well worth the money. What an amazing performance!


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