Posted by: Bethany Davis | June 28, 2009

The great move-out

You never realize how much you actually own (and much you could do without!) until it’s time to move. In college I was moving every year, which is a good way to unclutter your life. It’s been two years since I moved into IMPACT 360 and packing up reminded me that I was due for a de-cluttering.

Since our blog is subtitled “Newlyweds Pursuing Christ and Joy in Simplicity,” I wanted to write a little bit about our quest to learn more about how to live simply in a practical way. “How much stuff do you need to be happy?” Bob the Tomato asked Larry on Veggie Tales’ Madame Blueberry. “I don’t know, answered Larry. “How much stuff is there?”

No amount of “stuff” (any earthly pleasure) will satisfy. If accumulating isn’t a means to Kingdom work, it isn’t added to our lives, it’s moving us away from what is truly important. Especially during the first part of our marriage, our desire is to put our relationship with God first, then each other. Having to spend time maintaining, updating, cleaning, or organizing things doesn’t fall in that category (unless it’s a means, not an end).

Brian and I have decided to start small. We are planning to move into a one-bedroom apartment in the Brumby Lofts of Marrieta, GA. I’m looking forward to doing what women do – “nest” (as Juno puts it). The exposed-brick walls and 20 foot ceilings will make this a fun place to decorate. Anyways, the point is that the living space is small and functional. this leaves Brian and I more time to spend together investing in our marriage, verus living in a home that requires mega upkeep.

Right now our stuff is stored in Brian’s parents’ garage in Kennesaw, GA, with the house plants and Dinah (our beloved Beta) inside. It was an interesting sight looking at all our belongings mixed together in boxes. Did we really need all that stuff? We packed suitcases with a couple weeks worth of clothes are loaded them in Brian’s car for an extended road trip. What did we really need? Well, we took clothes, bathing suits, books, thank-you cards (many more to go….), camping supplies, wedding returns, and Cribbage.

We had great help moving out. Brian’s parents, grandparents (Mom & Bob), and his brother, Bradley, came down to Pine Mountain. Within two hours of moving boxes into vans and cars (in 105 degree weather) we had both of our rooms cleared. I’m so thankful for my great new family!the movers and shakesus and our stuff



  1. Hey B&B
    I totally understand how you all feel with moving out! You know the family just moved to Vegas and it was crazy getting stuff packed and realizing how much stuff we have, ha ha. I’m thinking along the same lines as to: what do I really need, you know? It’s a hard lesson 🙂 but good one. I’m just realizing the next few years of my life with school and all will have to be very light years where I hope to learn to accumulate more of things that matter and not so much stuff…it will be a challenge.

    Anyway, said all that to say really that 1. I’m glad to find your blog. 2. I like this post 3. I look forward to keeping up!

    love you guys!

  2. You remind me so much of Terry and myself when we first got married. We didn’t have a lot of ‘stuff’ either and we were big on frugal living – partly because we had no money and partly as a response to certain principles we wanted to incorporate into our lives.

    Twenty-eight years, four children and two houses later, we have (somewhat naturally) accumulated a lot of stuff, and sometimes I go on rampages to simplify, eliminate, reduce. And there is no doubt that much of it is just what you said, a distraction that requires valuable time to for upkeep. But I’ve also realized, lately, that there are things I should hang on to because of the potential to meet a future need that I don’t even know about yet.

    This piece of insight came to me as I considered our books. We both love books; the difference is that Terry is a library person and I am a book-buying (preferably used) person. I’m sitting in a room that is lined with bookcases filled with books. Every so often I go through them and take out books which I feel are no longer needed. Lately, I’ve been accumulating some books relating to women’s ministry (because of various studies in which I’m involved), and as I was trying to decide what to do with some of them, it occurred to me that if I plan to minister to women (which is a goal of mine), having some resources for whatever comes along would be a good thing! So I placed those books back on the shelf and I thank God for the money and the space to be able to do so.

    You two are off to a good start!
    And if you ever happen to find yourself in Michigan, you have a standing invitation at the Dehart Hotel (where there are books to suit almost any taste).

    • We’d love to come visit – if we ever make our way to Michigan. thank you! And I agree, books are valuable and definitely are part of kingdom work!

  3. What a COOL apartment you guys will be living in! Andrew, my hubby, and I have lived in one that is similar (an old warehouse) for the past two years since we got married and love it! Have fun as newlyweds. It is great.

    • Hey Jen! Thanks so much! We are so excited about the apartment. Decorating is going to be awesome! Let me know if you have tips about how to best fill the space!

  4. Nomads!

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  6. keep the focus! “diligence is man’s precious possession” prov. 12:27 our loft and its one closet was the best way for us to start our marriage (in respect to acquiring). but even there it tried to creep in. too much stuff is a burden well beyond its “worth”. love you guys!

  7. Wow! I don’t know if you remember me, but I was in Karen Riddle Barnes’s wedding with you. This entry was beautiful. How encouraging to hear how you and your new husband and being so thoughtful and conscientious about how your lives can best serve Christ! Look forward to reading much more! Keep posting!

  8. Hey Brian and Bethany!

    So glad to hear things are going well. I wish Maryland would get as hot as Georgia! I’m praying for you both on this new journey-
    may the Lord richly bless you in the fullness of His grace!

    (ps. are you coming to the alumni reunion?)

    • Hello Emily! Thanks for reading the blog and for your prayers. We miss you – hopefully we can talk soon! And yes, we plan to come to reunion, but probably won’t be there the whole time (depending on Brian’s potential job).

  9. yay i know where brumby lofts is! i have several friends who live right in that area so am around there often 🙂 we’ll have to get together once you are settled and everything…i look forward to it!

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